Client Clock log parser
Oct 12, 2009
I love the Client Clock. If you're not familiar with it, it's a tool you can use in the Notes client to see what the client is doing (Dr. Ini on the Client Clock). It's especially useful if you are dealing with latency complaints in the client. It just takes a notes.ini entry to turn it on or off, and I've included a toggle in my Ianto Project. 

But once you get it, you have to dig through the log files (no surprise), and that's a bit tedious. Today I've been working on why a Notes app of mine was crashing, so I turned to the client clock. I've used it before and had written a parser to make the log more readable, but I couldn't find the database I had it in. That's the downside of changing jobs. But digging through my notes, I did have a design synopsis of the agent I used for it, and creating forms and views after that was a breeze. 

I had also done some searching on the Lotus Notes Email List and found where I had promised to post my tool when it was ready. I must never have been ready, so I'm posting it now, and here:

Client Clock log parser

I'm thinking I'll include the entire app in my  next release of the Ianto Project as well.


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application/octet-stream 320 KB Clientclock.nsf 6/3/15, 12:23 PM
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