Dynamatic external URLs in XPages
Jul 29, 2011

One of the few things you can set programmatically in Xpages is the URL target of a Link custom control. And sure enough, I have a need to just that. I've been working on a little app for a friend of mine that is like a list of bookmarks, with some categorization, tags, and searching. I wanted to have a view (or data table or whatever) with the links displayed and when you click it it just takes you to that site in a new window/tab. One little bits missing: the diamond next to the link URL:

The annoying part is that you can do this in "old" Notes in a view by putting in some HTML. So I did that, I put this into a column of each view:

 "<A HREF=\"" + "http://"  + linkURL + "\" target=\"_blank\">" + linkURL + "</A>"
 then created view controls of each. It works. I had experimented around trying to put in a value in the link, but xPages didn't like anything I did. But this method works. There may be a more xPage-centric way, and I'd love to do it, but I get to roll this out. I did some searching and didn't find anything like this, so I'm posting.


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1 Ulrich Krause commented July 30 2011 Permalink Recommendations 0
>> One little bits missing: the diamond next to the link URL


Are you sure? I can click the diamond and fill in some js to calculate the link.

2 Dave Lemaster commented July 30 2011 Permalink Recommendations 0
I've used a computed fields in repeat controls instead of the link controls. Set the content type to HTML.


var doc:NotesDocument = vEntries; 
var docURL = doc.getHttpURL(); 
var docDESC = doc.getItemValueString("IDescription"); 

3 Paul Withers commented July 30 2011 Permalink Recommendations 0
If I remember correctly from the managed beta, the diamond was removed for 8.5.2 because the type can be more than just URL. Is the diamond visible in the All Properties pane?
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