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December 12, 2018
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List regular group meetings, including dates, and the transcript of the herald’s report given at the meeting. Also list any other meetings that were heraldic in nature (meetings with individuals to discuss names, devices, submissions, design heraldic classes) and include the name of the individual that facilitated the discussion.
List any submission for the month. Also, include any information received about previous submissions (items advanced, returned and the reason, plan of action on return).
Please list any classes in the heraldic realm taught in your group, by you or any other person. Also please note any speciality classes you would be interested in.
List events held by the local group, date and location, including the name of the herald if court was held.
- Court at group sponsored event: name of the event, date, location, name of the court herald and awards given.
- Court at anevent not sponsored by the local group: name of the event, date, location, name of the court herald and awards given. *Applies to any individual that is a member of the local group and served as a court herald.
- Awards given. Awards given to members of the local group at court other than a group sponsored event. Include the name of the event, award and the correct Society name of each individual.
Classes taken or taught in regards to heraldry. Classes taught include classes taught by any one in the local group that dealt with heraldry, not just the local herald. List any successes or concerns as to the state of the local office.